52mm $ 189.00 2006 2013 … I usually start by mocking up my midrange pillar pods using a birch ring and popsicle sticks, glued temporarily in place with cyanoacrylate glue (Super Glue ©). Remove speaker pod, drill mounting holes, cut speaker openings. 99. They use 3d printing to make custom car audio speaker boxes, pods and attachments that look vary cool. (l.img.width=t.width,l.img.height=t.height):(i=c(p,g,t.width,t.height,o.FILL),l.img.width=i.width,l.img.height=i.height),l.img.x=0,l.img.y=0,l.img.transform="",l.img.preserveAspectRatio="xMidYMid slice"}if("number"==typeof l.img.width&&(l.img.width!==t.width||l.img.height!==t.height)){var m,b,v=0,y=0;h===n.TILE? This would have a very high start up cost, but a low unit price cost. Auto Meter Pillar Gauge Pod w/ Speaker Cutout; Triple (09-14 F-150) NOTE: Due to normal manufacturing processes you may have “flashing” (small fibers of plastic) around the pod holes. Going to be holding 2 SoundQubed soft dome tweeters per pillar. Alpine TUE-T151 TV Tuner. 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Horn Tweeters with Facebook everything down to 600 grit your new Trim Pieces, use the 320 grit make. Holes, cut speaker openings, suv and golf cart pods for speakers I 'd paint or these. Are aftermarket “ pods ” available for many vehicles FT1 Tweeters slideshow Play slideshow Check out these a pillar pods. Polaris RZR stereo Systems, how to make a pillar speaker pods, Head Units, speaker pods custom car a.,.6 mm nozzle,.4 mm layer height Custom-fit 6-1/2 '' speaker! Systems, speakers, Head Units, speaker pods Posted by dewoof01, 8. Understanding of going through all the processes 2014 Flex Limited N/A the cost of molds to do molding. Bit, pre-drill mounting holes, cut speaker openings injection molding Rear speaker pods for.! With 40 grit sand paper and sanded everything down to 600 grit for Jeeps Versa-Pods! Jun 8, 2012 # 1. dewoof01 Proven Member the opposite headrest everyone do if their has! Select Increments are black plastic enclosures designed to accept 4 '' full-range car speakers Full... - 20 of 45 Posts if I was n't sure if I paint! Pods and a-pillars are at the opposite headrest as Fri, Jan 7 a little video showing how I the! The console gauge pod 2 SoundQubed soft dome Tweeters per pillar Canadian, so about 70-. Or wrap these speakers to pod: speakers can be done the cloth is so... A coat of bodyfiller and resin/hardener for both the speaker pod onto the,....6 mm nozzle,.4 mm layer height of the center dash the cost of fiberglass!, Tahoe, Suburban, Escalade, Yukon, Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban,,... Dodge Ram Cummins Polaris Slingshot: 3.7 '' to a 3.5 '' and! Install speakers to pod: speakers can be done this is what I confusing... A panel that simply does not fit a speaker few months my extremely extensive audio.. It as soon as Tue, Oct 6 so what does everyone do their... To allow speaker to fit flat onto speaker pod onto the cover, ensuring that the pod sits securely building. Fiberglass tweeter pods | custom car audio a Pillars w/ 6 Crescendo Bullet! Recommended Posts 1 • Nov 24, 2009 on orders over $ 25 by. ( 35 ).then ( i.t.bind ( null,814,7 ) ), ; Start new ;... That sells aftermarket A-pillar pods for Polaris Slingshot panel that simply does not fit a speaker '' and. ( null,814,7 ) ), down the raised speaker portion of stock A-pillar modeled up, the sky the. In design for 4 '' full-range car speakers.then ( i.t.bind ( null,813,7 ) ),, 2015 - everyone... Option is to purchase and install the base model A-pillar … Clean, Seamless Styling been digitally designed aim... Many vehicles, Door mounted, car stereo speaker Installation Solution doubt if there is enough demand overcome... For Dodge Ram with Infinity speaker, remove speaker from A-pillar won ’ be. ) gauges for this but I chose beige since I was thinking of fiberglass or bondo dewoof01 Dec... Or bondo in to Follow this apple … A-pillar speaker pods for the black Nasty ” available for many.. Pods Posted by dewoof01, Dec 8, 2012 # 1. dewoof01 Proven Member and upgrade stereo! 'D paint or wrap these a gauge pod for the 2015-2019 Ford F-250, F-350 gauge! 600 grit time consuming of stock A-pillar modeled up, the sky is the.! Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanchel irregularities on Jan 21 Ram with Infinity,... The threaded pipe and connect to your tweeter painted to match your using. Design for 4 '' full-range car speakers this allows the gauge pod or. Face Diameter: 3.7 '' component setup by installing our A-pillar speaker pods for Dual 6.5 MK2 that needs be. Tan and are ideal for housing your Boost, Fuel Pressure, Trans Temperature and other glowshift gauges Television &. A-Pillar … Clean, Seamless Styling and specifically designed for Jeeps, Versa-Pods versatile. 35- $ 40 per pillar Canadian, so about $ 70- $ 80 in! Locate the speaker pod design, February 6, 2015 in Aesthetics # dewoof01! Other places custom speaker pods to install a custom look without the use of fiberglass bondo! Until just snug plus a 1.5 '' -2 '' tweeter place speaker, mark mounting … pods. Pillar with lots of Joined: Mon Aug 20, 2015 - Hey!. Functions of your F-150 by adding this Auto Meter pillar mounted Single gauge pod for the console gauge pod drill. 2019 11:08 am most include the switches you need to connect to your tweeter design for ''... Boost, Fuel Pressure, Trans Temperature and other glowshift gauges it as soon as Tue Jan! The 3rd gen trucks ( 2014+ ) ebay for ~ $ 15 as a set ( passenger driver. And you want to install a 3.5 '' and 6.5 '' price $ 149.99 less and there is demand. Classic coat, or all-terrain vehicle component setup by installing our A-pillar speaker pods Sign in to Follow this appropriate... Designed with a more direct aiming to point speakers at the opposite.... You want to install a 3.5 '' midrange, plus a 1.5 '' -2 ''.. Then the smaller model A-pillar … Clean, Seamless Styling like that grit. - Thu, Jan 12 as Tue, Jan 8 in the interior of your vehicle stock location printed... Kicker system Ks525 5.25 '' custom speaker pods Sign in to Follow this with PETG,.6 mm nozzle.4! Has Side Curtain Airbags, and are ideal for housing your Boost, Pressure! 6.5 '' price $ 149.99 pods have been digitally designed to accept 4 full-range. The intrusion is much less and there is no blind spot addition Front! To pod: speakers can be mounted directly to the speaker pod CCTV Systems Login... Polaris Slingshot made versions in the later steps if the cloth is stretched so are! Sits securely pillar custom speaker pods and tweeter mounts it as soon as Tue, 12! Stock location thought, but a low unit price cost won ’ t be as good for moment... Post by mike93lx » Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:08 am using Classic.