Don’t jump between three subjects within a single email, but instead, focus on one main topic. As long as your business exists, investment in marketing is a vital contributor to your success. This feature is quite handy with creating email sequences without extra hassle. The future of email design is technologically advanced and excitingly interactive. When you buy one, you can integrate it with another device from the same company, request to send reminder emails once some element needs to be replaced or cleaned and inform you about a new item that can make your life easier. Chad S. White, Head of Research for Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting and author of Email Marketing Rules. As a result, you will get more details about your recipients and further personalize the emails you send. Testing has always been an indispensable step in the sending process. "Another key reason is to do with education of email marketers... or lack thereof. Building on her previous comment, Joolz adds: “With recipients leading increasingly busy lives and a tendency to read emails on the go, there is a trend towards simpler email design, often minimalistic in style. But, what would you say if I told you that there is something even better ahead? The constant endeavor of email designers is to bring a unique experience to subscribers. Want to refine your email strategy and avoid the most common mistakes? By using these templates, you can easily incorporate all of the top email design trends in 2020 — from videos to user-generated content to feedback and more. Others will embrace it to better match email frequency to engagement levels and to maximize customer value. "Personalization in all of its forms will continue to grow, but the personalization of send time will be one of the fastest growing forms. Discover expert tips and latest updates about Do you really need to include all of the information at this stage or could you save some for the next step of the journey? For those who want to send Unlimited Jan 10, 2020, Elastic Email » Blog » Email Marketing Tips » Top 10 email marketing trends of 2020. By opting for simple artwork and easy on the eye colors, your subscribers will appreciate your emails more and will be more likely to click on them again. If you're a company communicating with both B2B and B2C subscribers, for example, dynamic content allows you to populate parts of newsletters or promotional emails with content that is specific to the subscriber's interests or sector. 01. Abstract Design. Email marketing; Content marketing; Logo design; Pay per Click; Contact; Search for: Tell us about your project; Email Marketing Blunders to Avoid: 39 Stats & Trends for 2020 [Infographic] Are you struggling to achieve success with your email marketing campaigns? With the right use of Privacy Policies, you can request your customers to add their location to the apps. But, it’s worth looking into it for the future, exploring this email marketing trend and getting interested in such technology. The only downside is that as of now, Gmail App and Gmail Desktop don’t support it. 3 email design trends of 2020 1. It means that your subscribers no longer need to be redirected to your page. Email Monks share their email design trends for 2020 in this infographic. Trends that dominated designs in 2019 will still be popular in the coming year. This year the following design trends in marketing are sure to get noticed: 3D Logos Share this Article; Facebook; Twitter; Email; LinkedIn; What does 2020 have in store for email marketers like you? Email marketing technological trends of 2020 According to the newest Radicati report, there are over 3.9 billion email users worldwide. Email has always been one of those channels that marketers seem to ‘fall into’ on their way to doing something else, and as such historically most email marketers have learned all they know from their own experience – picking up things as they go on. Luckily for us, however, marketing trends - and digital trends, in particular - are slightly more predictable. You want your email copy to do enough to encourage a click-through, but you should also ask yourself what information you can withhold in order to make the copy concise enough for mobile viewing. The ones we've covered last year are still very much up to date and it’s worth taking them into consideration while building your email campaigns. If you like this article, share it with friends: AMP is more lightweight and has a shorter loading time. For most email marketers though, the area where you can make instant improvements to optimize for mobile is in your copy, images and overall design and layout. The dark mode is taking email by storm. Read on as we reveal 20 graphic design trends, covering everything from logo design to illustration, that look set to be big in 2020. With a more minimal approach, you can experiment with color schemes, fonts, and graphics - trying more organic options like Today did in their newsletter. Media is being consumed in ways that we could never have envisaged back at the inception of email. Email design trends 2020 are expected to be an amazing combination of flawless visual appeal and technological advancements. "AI is a clear trend, though often misunderstood. As for grabbing attention quickly, Joolz also makes a very important point, tying right back into the argument for simple, mobile-optimized copy. You can achieve this with a few simple upgrades, but you need to do it thoughtfully. That doesn’t mean that it has to be the only one we use. In truth, most of the AI that is discussed in the marketing world concerns the automation of processes. They can help bring your products to life and create an interesting composition. There are many ways to create show-stopping 3D graphics. Dive deeper into HubSpot's survey data by clicking the download button on the banner below. It's proven to be better for late-night internet scrolling and for users suffering from photophobia, keratoconus, or similar conditions. More email service providers are offering this functionality, which optimizes the send times of emails to individual subscribers based on their historical open patterns. Mobile browsing has now surpassed desktop browsing in terms of percentage traffic: This percentage share of traffic for mobile is not, for now, being matched in terms of where the majority of purchases are being made. Fortunately for you, many marketing agencies and email service providers like eSputnik offer support at all stages. You can clearly see the difference between the two formats. Email marketing has defied its critics in continuing to provide an array of benefits to marketers, from building trust to providing some of the greatest ROIs of any digital channel. That makes it easier to set up, although it still needs a little bit of getting used to. Discover the #1 most cost-effective email email marketing. Are you making an impact quickly enough?”. 2019 was the year of realization - the realization that email has incredible potential in reaching vast groups of customers across the world and that it’s vital to incorporate it into your marketing campaigns. Short videos can bump up clickthrough rates exponentially, making this one of the hottest email design trends of 2020. Want to know the latest email design trends to incorporate into your email campaigns? GDPR ruffled a lot of feathers when it was introduced back in May 2018, but it was never designed to destroy email marketing. Learn more about tools that email marketers In some cases), they can set the tone for your email, help some colors appear more saturated or intense and they definitely stand out in an inbox. It prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities and if you’re operating in ….. How can you expect to compete to acquire and retain customers if you don’t invest in marketing? Digital marketing rules the world, but this also means there’s a constant race to get noticed by users. You might want to check their website and see which opportunities you can get. It does follow a couple of rules to work properly, but once you get the hang of the basics, creating it is pretty simple. Designmodo married 2D typography with 3D graphics that really show just how much potential there is in this form of art. Concise copy means the first CTA is seen early, on the second fold, so the recipient doesn’t have to scroll through fold-after-fold of heavy copy before they reach a CTA button (copy that could be held back and used on the landing page instead). By incorporating A.I. In contrast to confident color usage and catering emails to dark mode, monochrome made a comeback in 2019 and will continue as a ubiquitous email and website design trend in 2020 – but it needs to be done right. Currently, if you want your email design to excite your audience, you can use looped animations like GIFs. Mobile optimization is not a simple process since the coding behind your emails is important in allowing them to collapse down into a mobile-viewable format. The team from Uplers Email share their email design trends for 2020 in this infographic. The results (and rewards) to be obtained from A/B testing are entirely defined by your starting point. A single focus message combining copy, layout and colour that is skimmable and enables the reader to act easily. What better way to do so, than implementing the latest email marketing trends in your email campaigns. You will be able to deliver the exact content at the exact time of their need and the best part, you won’t need to track it 24/7 in order for it to work. Accelerated Mobile Pages is a new technology that allows you to include interactive elements into your email body. It’s important to keep it fresh and modern. As technological innovation continues to reshape email marketing, it’s reassuring to know that there’s plenty you can do at every level of your strategy to improve results. Our attention spans are reducing and it makes sense that email design addresses this. From there, you’ll draw conclusions that can inform and improve your strategy moving forward, allowing you to generate even greater returns from email marketing’s already sky-high ROI. If you’re getting by on limited resources though, then you can start improving the returns you achieve from email marketing through the simple process of simplification. Get advice from the Elastic Email Customer "I’m predicting that in the Year 2020, that there will be an uptake in robust, hypothesis-led A/B testing. That’s why so many tech companies have great design—users expect to … For mobile viewers, who are often on the go when scrolling through emails, the shorter copy can be scanned in no time whatsoever. Choosing simpler options doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your creativity. Superfluous copy is a bugbear of all copywriters. "Email marketing now offers credible career paths, and as such the modern-day email marketer is looking beyond just learning from their technology but are avidly reading, taking courses and asking questions in forums and sharing knowledge. Want to know what else you should be aware of as we head into the new year? Keeping up with the latest graphic design trends in your email marketing can be exhausting, especially if you aren’t a designer and have other tasks that take priority. Then, you can send an email or notification to their phone once they are close to one of your cafes. Want to know the latest email design trends to incorporate into your email campaigns? current activity and to track website usage to provide you with the best experience possible. You feel that you ‘should’ run an A/B Split test and so go to your technology, select to run a subject line test and out of thin air and with no research or hypothesis, throw together two subject lines to test. Email Marketing Highlights . With that being said, emails should be short, straight to the point and clear to understand. Given the returns we receive from email, the trust it allows you to build between existing and potential customers and the ways in which it is set to develop into the next decade, it's a channel that you should certainly feel confident investing in. It became a focal point right away and increased the attractiveness of their email. "Email will still remain one of the best ways to communicate with those that want to hear from you. love. Do not fear “the robots” - AI is here to push the boundaries of what we, as digital marketers, can achieve in terms of matching individual users to digital experiences that have been perfectly tailored to them. If you feel like you might need to refresh your email design, maybe it’s time to switch from 2D to 3D and give your emails a completely new dimension. Get Your Email Design And just as 2019 was an era of simple graphics, this year we will see a lot more … In turn, we can reap the rewards by successfully encouraging higher levels of engagement with the emails we're sending. Users can engage with content better and faster. And with email marketing gaining some serious reputation over the years, we are flooded with many different ways and trends to improve it to make it even better. It's understandable that not all companies have dedicated copywriters or UX design experts in-house. We have six beautiful visual inspirations that are worth implementing in your email design and four major technological trends that will have a massive impact on the email in the coming years. emails. They made an interesting piece by incorporating art into their font. But which visual design trends will shape the look of emails in the 2020s? For those who want to integrate email into the With the amount of data we have at our fingertips, it’s now easier to know which tools, tactics and technologies are working and which are becoming less effective. We've taken a look at all the big digital marketing trends for 2020 that you need to keep on top of. We’ve already talked about the requirements you need to meet in order for AMP emails to be displayed correctly, but let’s talk more about its advantages. Having seen first-hand the benefits that GDPR has brought to email marketing across the EU, we are certain that this wave of data privacy laws across North America will only improve the returns we can all achieve as email marketers. This doesn’t just apply to email testing - across your digital marketing, you should consider exactly how the changes you are making will affect your users. Lewis Dormer is a Digital Marketing Executive at Smart Insights. Most email service providers give you the ability to render emails across a range of devices, so it’s worth checking that your emails are providing a suitable user experience across all devices (and not just desktop when sending test emails to your work computer). "Segmentation tactics are going to take a big step forward in 2020 as modelling based on recency, frequency, and monetary value becomes easier for brands to embrace. There is, however, a lot of room for improvement in the ways that many of us are using this form of testing. An infographic by email software and service provider Email Monks outlines what it considers the top 9 design trends for the coming year, including the following: 1. More and more people have decided to switch their app settings to dramatically change the look. Over time, simple tweaks to your email content - based upon previous performance - can help to drive extra clicks, downloads, forwards and signups. businesses rather than being seen as a cost centre. It’s higher in quality and comparable in file size resulting in seamless graphics for your email campaign. That means that mobile compatibility is an absolute baseline for successful email campaigns. This kind of design enables organisations to deliver timely, fresh and punchy content on a frequent basis. From crucial inbox updates to new privacy laws, Litmus’ 2020 State of Email Report analyzes the significant data, trends, and key industry updates from the past year and breaks down how they will impact your email program in the new email decade. That’s why we brought together the most aspiring email design trend ideas for this year that will elevate your messages from good to great. Anna is working as a Content Manager in Elastic Email. "Unlike social media where you can switch between platforms at a moment’s notice; follow / unfollow, like or unlike with one click, email will remain consistent as a platform that allows one-to-one communication to an inbox that is well established and part of your daily routine, both within business and leisure.". Your pre-send checklist for flawless email campaigns, 6 trends to adapt in your email marketing, Everything you need to know about designing emails for dark mode. So, 2020 is set to be a big year for the adoption of send-time optimization. With email constantly changing and adapting, you need to strive towards creating the best experience for your subscribers. In other words, it’s a 3D representation of a design, on a 2D surface. Now that emails can be viewed across so many different devices, however, you should be taking the time to guarantee that your emails are rendering across every device type. It strives not only to replace the traditional (and somewhat arduous) segmentation processes currently in action but to completely transform the levels of relevancy that we, as marketers, are capable of providing to consumers. Reduce the noise in your message, by only sticking to essentials. Just look at the example below. Ultimately, there is no telling what changes will happen in the next 5, 10 or 20 years, but one thing is for sure - the future of email is strong. APNG is an extension of the PNG format that supports animations. It’s not only going to be pretty lettering but a centerpiece of email, combining animation, shapes and including it into email graphics. delivery engine. Rewind back to 2010 and you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody capable of predicting the decade that was about to unfold. With the year 2020 within reach, we’re about to enter a new decade of email design. The Email Marketing And Marketing Automation toolkit contains: Start your Digital Marketing Plan today with our Free membership. With this data, you can send out a single email where content blocks populate with a variety of dynamic content depending on the user that you’re sending to. So those are our top 10 picks for this year's email marketing trends, separated by design and technology. Now that the majority of recipients are only receiving emails having opted-in to receive them from particular senders, it’s a case of building upon the trust that they’ve shown you. It’s not scalable enough to successfully perform a one-customer experience as we are usually promised to have. To sum up, it can provide a truly immersive experience that can change the format of email as we know it. Dynamic content is an area that you may not currently be aware of, but which you could certainly be using. But if you can start to look at “data-driven marketing” from a “customer-driven marketing” perspective, you can start to think how your customers think and create experiences that they will engage with. Are you looking for ways to improve your email marketing strategy in 2020? But keeping up with new design trends is the easiest way to signal to your audience that you’re a modern, innovative, forward-thinking company. Intensifying minimalism . You can use professional modeling software like Blender or Poser, opt for tools that cater more towards beginners, or even use Photoshop to turn your 2D images into 3D visuals without much training. Neat, huh? For this blog, we’re joined by a selection of the world's leading email marketers who have identified their key email marketing trends to stay on top of in 2020 and beyond.